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The Significance of the Beginning Chapter of Frank McCourts Angelas Ashes :: Essays Papers

The Significance of the Beginning Chapter of Frank McCourts Angelas Ashes He is simply one more poor Irish kid. His story is of destitution, passionate battles, and growing up. Have we not found out about that as of now? Everybody thinks their youth is one of a kind, yet do we not all have fundamentally similar encounters? Straightforward McCourt encounters occasions like other youngsters, yet that reality is overlooked once the peruser starts Angela’s Ashes. Real reality turns out to be less significant than this little boy’s impression of the real world, whereupon the center is set and stays there all through the book. McCourt isn't recounting to the narrative of what occurred, yet rather of how the occasions identified with his own turn of events. He attracts the peruser into himself by composing the principal individual and utilizing an individual tone which consistently mirrors his viewpoint. In the principal section, he unnoticeably sets up himself as the main character in his journal, causing the peruser not to finish him his youth, ye t to become him as a youngster. â€Å"People wherever boast and whine about the burdens of their initial years, however nothing can contrast and the Irish version†(1), McCourt composes as he depicts the world wherein he grows up. For he makes a different world for himself, where individuals he knows meander in and out at whatever point they can hold his consideration. McCourt’s world fills in as a way of dealing with stress just as an outflow of his innovativeness. He encircle himself with the discouraging truth about his home and family, however gets every piece of truth with his own clarification, frequently diverting, accordingly presenting himself just to his understanding of the real world. McCourt’s task is to contain his reality in the 400 sixty pages of the book and to have the peruser submerged before the finish of the primary part. The initial pages give an establishment to McCourt, himself, and for his discernment, empowering the peruser to follow his continuous flow sentences all th rough the book. He gives a glimmer review of the book’s content on the main page, giving the peruser a thought of what he is getting into. McCourt then unexpectedly interferes with himself (which gets normal all through the book) just as he has neglected to make reference to some appropriate reality, and afterward continues to present his folks. Despite the fact that he is presently composing from his parents’ perspective, the peruser is very mindful this is still McCourt’s understanding of their story.

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The Status Of The Arabic Language

The Status Of The Arabic Language Arabic is one of the across the board communicated in dialects among Arab speakers, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa and its considered the focal language of Semitic dialects, for example, Hebrew and Aramaic dialects (Zeina, 2008). Arabic is spoken by in excess of 280 million individuals as a first language and by 250 million as a subsequent language. Notwithstanding the various assortments, there are three fundamental Arabics. To put it obviously, there are three kinds of Arabic: the old style language, the advanced standard language and casual language (Zeina, 2008, Gonzalo, 2005). The first is the language of the Holy Quran which is utilized by every Muslim individuals who play out their petitions or read the Holy Quran whether they comprehend what they read or not (Zeina, 2008). With respect to the Modern Standard Arabic, it was gotten from the Classical Arabic and it is generally utilized in formal circumstances, for example, schools, colleges, courts, government and the media. Concerning last one, it is generously utilized in day by day life circumstances and exercises among individuals. Arabic language is unique in relation to different dialects; it has its very own arrangement (Back Walter Tim, 2004). It comprises of 28 letters, 25 of them are consonant letters and the other three are vowels (Hattami, 2010). There isn't capital letters and little letters. Additionally, it has an interesting and diverse style since it begins from option to left in both perusing and composing. (Zeina, 2008). The connection among Arabic and different dialects, for example, Hebrew, English, Spanish, Sicilian, and other European dialects is a solid related one. Usually dialects get some lexical things from each other. Arabic has obtained numerous words from English and different dialects and different dialects have done likewise too (wajih, 1991). As such, Arabic has obtained words from numerous dialects, including Hebrew, Persian and Syriac in early hundreds of years, Turkish in medieval occasions and contemporary European dialects in present day times. To put it plainly, the Arabic language is a typical language among Arab speakers and its foundations have been taken from the Holy Quran which is viewed as the wellspring of every single artistic work and verse in the Arab world and all etymologists allude to it when they look for certain clarifications of certain words and implications. Besides, Arabic with its diverse composing framework and assortments, it has a genuine and close contact to different dialects, particularly English. In this composed task, I will be quickly addressing certain focuses. Initially, the depiction of vowels and consonants found in the Arabic and English dialects, and the correlation between them. Also, a few issues that students of the Arabic language may have in learning English. Disregarding the similitudes between the consonantal frameworks of English and Arabic, there are a few contrasts in certain viewpoints. For instance, the Arabic language has uvular sounds Ghain/, Qaaf,/, and Khaa/, the pharyngeal sounds Ain/and Haa/(Harakat, 1998), and vehement sounds two plosives,/and/, and two fricatives,/and/(Al-Muhtaseb et al., 2000; Ouni et al., 2005; Selouania and Caelen, 1998). These sounds really give the Arabic language its own particular property. Since every language has its own framework, as referenced above, Arabic and English offer basic consonant sounds and some limited language sounds.(Eid, 2006). 1-Arabic consonant sounds The Arabic language has some consonant sounds that are not existed in the English language. Truth be told, there are 28 consonants in Arabic, eight stops, thirteen fricatives, one affricate, two nasals, two fluids and two skims (Mousa M. Amayreh, 2003). The accompanying table delineates the spot, way, and voicing of Arabic consonants. Consonant Chart for Arabic 2-English consonant sounds In English phonetics we depict consonants as per three measures: spot of verbalization, way of explanation and voicing. There are 25 consonants in English, six stops, nine fricatives, two affricates, three nasals, two floats, and two fluids. (Eid, 2006). The accompanying table outlines the spot, way, and voicing of English consonants. Consonant Chart for English 3-Comparison of English and Arabic consonants This part is an examination among English and Arabic consonants. A few tables and different outlines are given underneath: 3.1 Stops In view of the tables over, one can plainly say that there are eight plosives in Arabic [ b,d,t,k,d,t,q,?] while there are six plosives in English [ ph,b,t,k,d,g]. The English language comes up short on the reciprocals of the Arabic emphatics [dã˜â ¸, tã˜â · ], the uvular [qã™â€š] and the glottal stop [?ã™â€ ¡]. Then again, the Arabic language likewise does not have a few counterparts of the English plosives [ph, g]. The aftereffect of such contrast brings about certain challenges for understudies and speakers. As we will see later on, the troubles that face Arab students towards articulating vowels and consonants. The accompanying table sums up the contrast among Arabic and English plosives with IPA images. 3.2 Fricatives The English language has nine fricatives in the labio-denteal interdental, dento-alveolar and glottal territories for example the vast majority of its fricatives are in the front portion of the vocal tract, while the Arabic language has thirteen running from the labiodental to the glottal territories. Notwithstanding that, it additionally has portions of uvular [ xã˜â ®, Øâ ¹] and pharyngeal fricatives [hã˜â ­, Øâ ¹] just as two determined ones (Eid, 2006). The accompanying table sums up the contrast among Arabic and English fricatives with IPA images. 3.3 Affricates There are two fundamental affricates in English a voiceless post-alveolar affricate [th] and a voiced post-alveolar affricate [d3] while Arabic has just a single affricate, a voiced post-alveolar one [d3] (Hattami, 2010). In any case, some Arabic vernaculars, for example, the Iraqi one, have [th] sound and this enables Iraqi students to express words containing such solid appropriately. (Andrzej Rouag, 1993, Hattami, 2010). 3.4 Nasals The English language has three nasal sounds [m,n,g] while Arabic has just two [m,n ] (Hattami, 2010). That is, the Arabic language comes up short on the [g] sound which is viewed as an allophone of [n] before velar and uvular stops, as in: English and Arabic have the equivalent [m] and this doesnt cause issues. Then again, [n] is alveolar in English while it is dental in Arabic. English and Arabic nasal sounds 3.5 Approximants There are three contrasts between the approximants of Arabic and English. To begin with, English has the nasal sound [g] while it isn't found in the Arabic language. Second, [r] in Arabic doesn't follow the approximants however the un-continued or R-sound (Odisho, 2003b). Third, the English approximant [r] messes up Arab students. 3.6 Laterals There is just a single parallel sound in English [l] while the Arabic language has two: non-vehement one [l] and insistent one [L] (Andrzej Rouag, 1993, Hattami, 2010), as in: 3.7 Flab The phonemic arrangement of English language doesn't have the alleged fold sound. Be that as it may, the arrangement of the Arabic language might be a wellspring of replacements for the English/r/s. (Andrzej Rouag, 1993, Hattami, 2010) 4. Consonantal issues Arab students face in learning English Since every language has a sound framework and paying little heed to the likenesses between these dialects, there, to be sure, must be a few contrasts which mess up students of dialects. In this way, when the Arab students are eager to gain proficiency with the English language, they may commit oblivious errors coming about because of either the obstruction of the two dialects or ignorance of the sound frameworks of every language or the inexistence of specific sounds. (Hattami, 2010) A rundown of such issues is sketched out underneath: /p/as expressed prior, English has the consonant suctioned sound/p/, and/b/, though there is just/b//Øâ ¨/in Arabic. In the outcome, Arab students will most likely be unable to separate between these two sounds and commit errors while articulating them and supplant/b/in supplant of/p/. For example,/picture//bicture/. /g/the standard Arabic doesn't consider/g/as a fixed sound in its sound framework, yet in some Arabic lingos, this sound is viewed as, for example, the Egyptian vernacular. Generally, all Arab students of English face trouble in separating among them, and they substitute the Arabic/k/for the English/g/. For instance,/game//kame/. /t㠢ë†â «/this sound isn't likewise existed in the sound arrangement of standard Arabic. Be that as it may, it very well may be found in some Arabic vernaculars, for example, the Iraqi tongue. The counter-consonant in standard Arabic is/k/. Bedouin students of English may have issues in the sound/t㠢ë†â «/and they may will in general disentangle this sound to/à ¢Ã«â€ Ã¢ «/.Consequently, this outcomes in wrong way to express/t㠢ë†â «/. For instance, seat shair. /Æâ ·/sometimes, the disentanglement of/dãšâ€™/to/Æâ ·/is likewise found. Some Arabic lingos acknowledge this sound, for example, Syrian and Lebanese ones. Speakers may rearrange/to/, for example,/. /Ã… Ã… /doesnt exist in Arabic by any stretch of the imagination, in English, it has a limitation on event: it doesnt happen at first. It just happens medially lastly. For instance, finger and sing. Thusly, an Arab understudy who learns English is unequivocally adapted by the setting in which allophone/Ã… Ã… /happens and will in general addition the molding/k g/, for example, Singing - Think . End I have introduced a concise examination between the consonant frameworks of English and Arabic. I have likewise recorded a few issues in articulating singular consonants looked by Arabic speakers and students of English. As indicated by (Hattami, 2010), the therapeutic arrangement can be put on educators. Educators must be completely mindful of the two sound frameworks and afterward get ready therapeutic penetrates and train understudies to keep away from such issues in

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Wir fahren nach Berlin!

Wir fahren nach Berlin! DID YOU KNOW? Liv Tyler was originally named Liv Rundgren. Her mother, Bebe Buell, was concerned with Stephen Tylers drug use and therefore decided to raise Liv as if Todd Rundgren were her father. Since her mother was having a lengthy relationship with Todd Rundgren around the time of her conception, Liv did not find out the truth until she was 11. We went to Berlin for the World Cup finals! Things were appreciably crazy, though not quite as crazy as they might have been if Germany had been playing. World Cup or no World Cup, its definitely an amazing city filled with history, and I want to get back and see the 99% of the sights that I missed during our 36-hour stay. I was personally rooting for France, but I knew that they were out of it as soon as Zinedine Zidane headbutted that guy. What a strange way to end your professional career, I think. Since the US tied with Italy 1-1 in the first round of the tournament, I think that we are also basically World Cup champions. All the Europeans just laugh at me when I say that. When I get my act together and go over to Mr. Chicken for some free wireless access, pictures will go right here = XXX

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The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde - 1414 Words

â€Å" I wasn t like this before I met you.† â€Å" Like what?† â€Å"I didn’t feel like this. I didn’t think like this. You- you did this to me†¦(â€Å"Fallenoracle†).† This quote from the tv series Quantico does an effective job of expressing what Lord Henry’s influence has done to Dorian Gray throughout the philosophical novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. While some might argue that Dorian s actual nature does not change significantly, an additional perspective is that Dorian Gray is a dynamic character that gains negative character traits by becoming vain of his youth, increasingly paranoid of someone learning of his portrait as well as the crimes he has committed, and attempting to gain pleasure from a number of deprived acts. The†¦show more content†¦One moment that this is distinctly seen is in Chapter Fourteen when Dorian divulges, â€Å" Alan, it was murder. I killed him. You don’t know what he had made me suffer. Whatever my life is, he had more to do with the making or the marring of it than poor Harry has had. He may not have intended it, the result was the same† (Wilde, 163). In this confession, Dorian’s reason for killing Basil is that he created the portrait that reflects Dorian’s soul. Later in the novel, however, he mentions that Basil had no right to speak as crassly as he did to Dorian. While this might be another reason or the trigger for Dorian killing Basil it is not specified. It is peculiar, but not surprising that Basil is blamed more than Henry for their part in Dorian’s life. For Dorian as the creator of the portrait Basil had more blame than Henry, even if Henry is the one who purposely intervened with Dorian’s life. Overall, for th ese negative traits to have appeared the manifestation of vainness represents a crucial involvement. Paranoia was acutely comparable with vainness in the alternation it produced within Dorian Gray. A distinction nonetheless was vainness generated consequences for others as well as Dorian, while paranoia impacted him personally more so than others. His first bout of strong paranoia is discerned in Chapter Ten where Dorian becomes anxious about the changes in hisShow MoreRelatedThe Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde2792 Words   |  12 Pages The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde In Oscar Wilde’s first novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, Wilde strategically uses his main characters Lord Henry Wotton and Basil Hallward to represent good versus evil influences throughout the reading. In the book, Dorian Gray plays the role of the everyman who is in a vicious circle on having to decide between the side of good or evil. Lord Henry is the evil influence and is seen as a more devil-like character while Basil Hallward is the good ChristianityRead MoreThe Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde1523 Words   |  7 PagesReader Response Entry #6: Chapters 10-11 The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde was not received well by critics when it was published in 1890. This was because it contained themes of homosexuality and was considered scandalous. Now, it is just considered a philosophical novel dealing with morals. I think that this book would very much be viewed as indecent in Wilde’s time. For example, when talking about Dorian’s public image, Wilde writes, â€Å"Society--civilized society, at least--is never veryRead MoreThe Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde832 Words   |  3 Pagescharacteristics of self-destructive properties. In the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde shows how these can lead to a man’s downfall. He displays this through the character of Dorian Gray. The novel explains how as Dorian grows up and through his life, he is ultimately destroyed by his own ego, vanity and inability to change or realize how what he does affects not only him but the lives of those around him. Dorian Gray struggles throughout the novel with the daunting facts that he isRead MoreThe Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde1967 Words   |  8 Pages In The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde disputes the role and conflicts between Aestheticism and morality. He exposes his contradictions and inner struggles throughout his three main characters: Lord Henry, a nobleman who criticizes the moralism and hypocrisy of Victorian society and openly expresses his Aesthetic thoughts, Dorian Gray, a handsome model influenced by Lord Henry’s views on beauty and morality, and Basil Hallward, an artist captivated by Dorian’s beauty. The novel mainly dealsRead MoreThe Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde1060 Words   |  5 PagesThe Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is a philosophical/gothic fiction. Setting: The novel takes place in the peak of the Decadent artistic movement of the 1890s, which occurred in the Victorian era of London and is known for its judgmental social standards, highlighting the contrast between the wealthier, materialistic higher classes and the dull middle-class society, making the novel more audacious. Plot: A famous artist named Basil Hallward completes his first portrait of Dorian Gray: aRead MoreThe Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde687 Words   |  3 PagesThesis-In The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, main character, Dorian Gray , in his times of greatest pain chooses to focus only on what is beautiful which leads to his death and shows that beauty obscures reality. Dorian Grays romantic interest, Sibyl kills herself after an altercation with Dorian; he looks at the nature around him to avoid the reality of the suicide that he has caused. Dorian first sees Sibyl when she acts at a rundown and low quality theater. She acts as many charactersRead MoreThe Picture Of Dorian Gray : Oscar Wilde2014 Words   |  9 PagesAdrian Balakumar Mr.Sal AP Lit 15 December 2014 The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde 1) In the book, The Picture of Dorian Gray, several characteristics of the world have been presented. The author portrays the world as a den of individuals with a skewed view of the immediate environment. The author depicts the world as a place where physical traits like beauty or handsomeness are important than a person’s virtues. Dorian spends his time studying music and other beautiful things that life hasRead MoreThe Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde1731 Words   |  7 PagesMy choice for this summer reading assignment was to read The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. This is a philosophical fiction novel meaning it devotes a significant portion of the novel to sort the questions that are addressed in discursive philosophy, that can include: the role in society, the purpose of living, ethnic or morals, experience, etc. Throughout history art has played a huge role in portraying the structure of society and how the people play in it.The novel takes place in theRe ad MoreThe Influences of Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray1582 Words   |  7 PagesThe Influences of Oscar Wilde Throughout his life Oscar Wilde had many strong influences exerted upon him. During his early childhood his mother influenced him and into college some of his professors and certain philosophers left a substantial impression upon him. Into adulthood these influences leaked out in his writing. These influences gave him ample ideas for writing The Picture of Dorian Gray. Wildes study of the Hellenistic ideals of Epicurus, his coddled lifestyle as a child and his devotionRead MoreOscar Wilde s The Picture Of Dorian Gray1544 Words   |  7 Pagescelebrity I find that it is inevitable to avoid being a part of some sort of controversy. At the height of Oscar Wilde’s career is where he found himself in just that. Although Wilde’s novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray is praised today, in the late 1800s it was seen by others as a negative shift in society and literature. In the film â€Å"Wilde†, after the release of The Picture of Dorian Gray, Wilde’s wife Constance and his mother Jane have a conversation in regards to the novel that gives insight to

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The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade - 2208 Words

In 1969 Philip Curtin described the historiography of the Atlantic slave trade as a â€Å"Numbers Game.† Curtin found that historians conceptualized the commodification of human beings through quantification. A year earlier in 1968, Frederick George Kay claimed in The Shameful Trade that fifty million Africans were exported into slavery in foreign lands. Twenty years later, Paul Lovejoy offered a summary of the field. He argued â€Å"that known scale of the slave trade was on the order of 11,863,000† Africans were exported into bondage. Then ten years later, in 1999, the work of David Eltis, Stephen D. Behrendt, and Herbert S. Klein was published as The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: A Database on CD-ROM. This work built upon the work of other historians who have largely dealt with the issue of the Atlantic Slave Trade by counting and quantifying human suffering. This database slowly grew and now includes documentation â€Å"on more than 35,000 slave voyages that forci bly embarked over 12 million Africans for transport to the Americas between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.† This database has made it easier to quantify the Atlantic slave trade. Historians now could use the power of a computer to understand the sheer number of transportations. With the publication of this database it seemed likely that historians would continue the â€Å"numbers game† and get to the heart of the Atlantic slave trade. However, recent work on the Atlantic slave trade has gone in a different direction.Show MoreRelatedThe Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade679 Words   |  3 PagesThe Trans-Atlantic slave occurred during the early sixteenth century and lasted until the beginning of the all the way to nineteenth century. It was during this time when the beginning of the Black Diaspora would begin to manifest itself with the exportation of millions of the African populace to the Americas. These African people were forced and taken from their respective cou ntries in a horrific manner. The result, these people became the slaves of newly forming colonies in North America. The trekRead MoreTrans Atlantic Slave Trade1892 Words   |  8 Pagesquite prosperous before the coming of the Europeans. Since the time of the slave trade many theories point out that Africa is the cradle of civilization, it is the birth place of the human race. We should never believe the Eurocentric view that Africa was a dark continent inhabited by uncivilized savages pretending to be humans. False and negative views of Africa and Africans were used to justify the Transatlantic Slave Trade and colonization. However, in reality, the Ancient civilizations of EgyptRead MoreThe Trans Atlantic Slave Trade895 Words   |  4 PagesThe history of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade is more readily accessible and popular, as opposed to the history of the Viking slavers. Painter points out that the Vikings were hardly viewed in popular culture as the preeminent slavers they really were, while Dublin was the slave market capitol of the world from the 11th through the 15th centuries. Whites living in the current day British Isles through France and Scandinavia were all subject to slave raids by Vikings for hundreds of years with someRead MoreThe Trans Atlantic Slave Trade2824 Words   |  12 PagesProblem For nearly five centuries – from the 15th century at the onset of the trans-Atlantic slave trade up to the 1950s when African states began to win the struggle for independence, Africa was exploited as a continent. The natural as well as the human resources were taken with no returns. This great pillage led to a complete halt of trade in Africa. Trade implies an exchange, yet the human resources were taken as slaves and the former colonial masters took the natural and mineral resources withoutRead MoreEssay on Trans Atlantic Slave Trade1105 Words   |  5 PagesMarch 7, 2006 Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Slavery originated from Africa after the Bantu migrations spread agricultural to all parts of the continent. Africans would buy slaves to enlarge their families and have more power. Also, they would buy slaves in order to sell them to make a profit. It then spread out from Africa to Portugal and was said, it is estimated that during the four and a half centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Portugal was responsible for transportingRead MoreTrans-Atlantic Slave Trade‚Äà ¹1359 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade† The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was one of the most horrific things to happen to any group of people closely relating to the Jewish Holocaust. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was actually often referred to as the â€Å"Holocaust of Enslavement† which was basically the incarceration and imprisonment of people not for committing criminal offenses but to be put to work for others. The â€Å"Areas that were involved in the European slave trade eventually prospered.† (Aca Demon) TheseRead MoreSlavery And The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade866 Words   |  4 Pagesis worse than the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in the sense that no one is exempt from slavery and trafficking, and that the people who are put through this suffering are forced to do vile things, especially because today’s society is completely ignorant to the fact that this issue still exists. Slavery and human trafficking still happens to occur under the radar, and can very well be happening right next door. Slave ry is worse now because back when the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) was thrivingRead MoreImpact Of Trans Atlantic Slave Trade On African Societies1314 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Atlantic slave trade, providing humans in exchange for other goods. During that 300 years, some twelve million Africans were transported to the Americas. This mass, forced migration had many consequences for Africa, in many aspects of its history. In World History classes—both high school and college— these consequences for Africa are usually omitted, and a more Eurocentric view of the Atlantic slave trade dominates. Because of this, many are not aware of the impacts of the slave trade on AfricanRead MoreThe Role of the Africans and Europeans in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade1850 Words   |  8 PagesDid Africans participate in the Atlantic Slave Trade as equal partners, or were they the victims of European power and greed? The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST) was the selling of and transportation of slaves from African lands across the Atlantic to lands such as Brazil, Spanish Empire, British, French, Dutch and Danish West Indies, the British North America and US, along with Europe. It is estimated that as many as 13 million slaves left African ports (although only 11 million arrived toRead MoreTrans-Atlantic Slave Trade vs. Human Trafficking Essay2144 Words   |  9 Pages2011 Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade VS. Human Trafficking Although slavery may have legally ended in 1865 with the end of the Civil War, it continues to be a problem worldwide today. â€Å"The UN International Labor Organization (ILO) calculates the minimum number of people in forced labor at 12.3 million, while research by Free the Slaves, a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in the United Sates, puts the number at 27 million.† Even so, there are many similarities between the Trans-Atlantic slave

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Bless you Free Essays

These questions will help us to formulate the objectives and hypothesis of the study: Statement of the Problem The Authors statement of the problem are: How do the Filipinos show their devotion to the Santos Ino? What are the different tittles given to the Santos NIH in the country? What are the traditions of the Filipinos to honor the Santos Infix? How did the devotion spread rapidly n the country? Objectives Of the Study The Authors objectives are: To know how the Filipinos show their love and devotion to the Santos NIH To develop their thoughts about the devotion of the Filipinos how they show their love to the Santos NIH To know the different traditions to honor the Santos NIH in the country To know the different tittles of the Santos NIH in the country. Scope and Limitations This study was conducted at Lice De Lily in the High School Department only. It started on June 2014. We will write a custom essay sample on Bless you or any similar topic only for you Order Now It drew up 80 respondents from the given Department. Importance of the Study The importance of this study is the Filipinos’ faith to the Child Jesus. It aims to study the traditions, festivals, rituals, different tittles of the Santos NIH and many others. Hypothesis Advantages Know more about the traditions in the Philippines In honor of the Santos NIH Know how much the Filipinos show their love and devotion to the Santos NIH How the Filipinos dress the images of the Child Jesus Disadvantages The wrong dressing of the Santos NIH into other characters. How to cite Bless you, Papers

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Strategic Human Resource And The Management - Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Human Resource And The Management. Answer: Introduction HR strategies need to be designed to help achieve a business strategy. The business strategy for Mercia Systems Ltd is designed for ten year period, but there are short-term plans of about three years. For the business strategy to be implemented and its objectives to be achieved, its important for the HR strategy to be in line with the business strategy. One of the aspects of the human resource is that of ensuring a workforce that is highly trained and experienced in technology. Another important aspect is that assembling different teams of professionals that can focus on developing solutions to various challenges and problems that this customers may present to the company (Dessler, 2016). Development of problem-solving teams Organization of the engineers and other technology experts into small problem solving teams is a crucial element in achieving the objectives of the business strategy. Each team will be allocated specific problems which they will be required to solve within a given period. The teams will be composed of professionals from different disciplines as the problem may require. Each team will be lead by the team leader who will be required to guide the team members towards developing suitable solutions for the problem and hence help to maintain the market position of the company (Machado Davim, n.d). The division of the entire workforce into problem-solving teams means that the teams will be easily coordinated and hence it is easy to achieve objectives. The productivity and the potential of each of the employee is maximized since they are given the opportunity to express their ideas better in small teams rather than in big teams (Liao, Martocchio Joshi, 2010). This will go ahead in helping t o achieve the objective of being solution oriented and in offering customers value for their money. Performance improvement in marketing efforts It is crucial to ensure continuous improvement in the marketing department to ensure the business objectives of the company are achieved. Marketing and advertising are very crucial for Mercia systems limited to achieve its objectives since it drives sales for the company. In the face of rising competition for the company, it is important that the company markets itself. The company needs to inform potential customers of the solutions they offer, the places in which the products are found and the prices of these products (Mirza, 2010). Without these, the company will not be able to grow in the next three years and the near future. The company needs to be in touch with customers at all time so as to keep growing the customer base and hence increase sales volumes. Attracting and maintaining staff for a long period One of the keys to achieving the business strategy for Mercia systems is attracting and retaining highly trained and qualified staff. The company is solution oriented and technology is at the core of everything that happens in the organization. Given the scarcity of highly skilled, highly motivated and self-driven technology experts, it is important for Mercia Systems to retain the highly experienced and well-trained staff it has at its disposal (Armstrong, 2008). This minimizes the cost of recruiting and training new staff and ensures productivity is high throughout the year. Attracting new employees ensures that the company gets highly talented young employees who will contribute greatly to the growth of the company (Hayes Ninemeier, 2009). Ensuring continuous improvement Another element that is crucial to the achievement of the business strategy is that of ensuring continuous improvement in performance of all staff. This means that the employees need to keep improving their performance from time to time to ensure that the general performance of the organization keeps improving. The employees need to set personal goals and objectives and they need to be in line with those of the organization (Dauda, 2008). This should be achieved through continuous motivation of staff. Various motivational techniques can be used to help improve performance. One of the strategies that could be used is performance-based pay. Benching The company will pay a visit to industry peers to assess the level of their performance and compare it with the performance of Mercia systems. Through bench-marking, the company will be able to learn from their peers and improve performance throughout the planning period. The company will also be able to set higher objectives and improve the technology used and hence help to improve the company performance (Bondarouk Olivas-Lujan, 2014). Conclusion The report identifies and explains key human resource strategies that are crucial to the achievement of the business strategy. The following are the aspects of human resource that are identified as being key to the attainment of the business strategy;Development of problem-solving teams, performance improvement in marketing efforts, ensuring continuous improvement and bench-marking. References Armstrong, M. (2008). Strategic Human Resource Management: a Guide To Action. London, Kogan Page. Http://Www.Books24x7.Com/Marc.Asp?Bookid=28482. Bondarouk, T., Olivas-Lujan, M. R. (2014). Human Resource Management, Social Innovation And Technology. Http://Www.Books24x7.Com/Marc.Asp?Bookid=70793. Dauda, Y. (2008). Managing Technology Innovation: The Human Resource Management Perspective. Frankfurt, M., Lang. Dessler, G. (2016). Human Resource Management. Pearson Education Limited. Http://Www.Myilibrary.Com?Id=910958. Hayes, D. K., Ninemeier, J. D. (2009). 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